About Us

Hi, I'm Maggi.  Back in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, as our home transitioned from just our home to a dual office for my husband and I, a school and let's face it, gymnasium for my two young children, my stress baking went beyond what my loved ones could consume.  With encouragement from family and friends, I realized that there were a lot of other people interested in artisan baked goods, made with high quality ingredients and without any preservatives or additives.  

Just like that, the concept for Crumb and Sponge was baked: "scratch baking" with high quality ingredients, available for others to share with their own loved ones.  Being a bread baker for over 20 years, and already well in love with making sourdough for several years at that point, finding the the focus of my micro-bakery  was probably the easiest thing about the pandemic!

Our mission is easy to understand: feeding yourself and your loved ones food that you can feel good about, and that leave you feeling good.  We do this by using quality ingredients, such as unbromated / organic flours, organic milk, organic eggs, European style butter, and not using any preservatives or additives.

I'm the baker behind it all, but you'll notice the website is written as "we".  That's because I couldn't do this without the unwavering support of my husband and children - they are my strongest supporters and also my first taste testers!  

Hopefully by now you are wondering where to find us.  You can find Crumb and Sponge products a number of places: local pickup here in SE Mequon (we also deliver!), Ozaukee REKO Ring, West Bend REKO Ring, DreamPort Market Store in Port Washington, as well as some local area farmer's markets in the summer and winter.  Thanks for taking the time to read this - I hope to see you soon, and in the meanwhile, Bon Appétit!